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Our reputation as industry leaders has grown exponentially as our opinions are highly regarded & have been published in major news services such as the Wall Street Journal, Barron's and other publications.  You can find our regular commentary on guiding our followers through these challenging markets.

Edgard Cabanillas

President & Founder

Mr. Cabanillas started his professional

career in 1994 in the grain export

business with Tradigrain, a division

of Farmland (now ADM).  He focused

his attention on developing supply

chain solutions into the Andean Region,

Central America and the Caribbean for food & feed processors as well as vertically integrated operations.  Since then, he has developed strong alliances and relationships with importers, shippers and processors in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa.  His passion for trading grain cash and futures markets has helped to develop strategic long-term planning for Alpine Trading's customers.  Contact Edgard!

Jorge Cosio

VP &Trade Director

Mr. Cosio began his professional

career in Peru with Sumitomo,

a major Japanese commodities

trading firm in 1988.  He focused

his attention on business relations 

between Latin America and Asia.  

Since then, he has been at key business development roles in such prestigious agri-business firms as Tradigrain, Cenex Harvest States and Bunge over his 26 year career.  He brings a distinct passion for customer service and attention to detail that Alpine Trading's customers appreciate highly.  Contact Jorge!

Navigating the commodities markets in today's turbulent world can be as challenging as climbing a mountain.  It takes patience, skill, experience and conviction.  With our 46 years of combined experience in the cash & futures markets, we are there alongside our customers helping them to achieve their goals and climb "their" mountain.

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