Global Commodities Consultancy

Agricultural Products

We offer the following products from these key production areas to worldwide destinations on CIF basis as well as FOB

North & South America

         Yellow Corn (U.S., Argentine, Brazilian)

         Grain Sorghum (U.S., Argentine)

         Yellow Soybeans (North & South American)

         High & Low protein Soybean Meal (various origins)

         U.S. Hard Red Winter Wheat

         U.S. Soft Red Winter Wheat

         U.S. Hard Red Spring Wheat

         U.S. Soft White Wheat

         U.S. Durum Wheat

         Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat & Milling Wheat

         Canadian Western Amber Durum Wheat

         Canadian Canola

         South American Milling & Feed Wheat

         Corn co-products (DDG's, Corn Gluten Feed & Meal)  

         Feed Barley

         Food Grade Soybeans and Corn (yellow and white)

         Milling Oats

         Pulses & Feed Peas

         Sugar, Molasses & other Sweetener Products

         Vegetable Oils (Soy, Sun, Canola)

         Whole Cottonseed

         South American Fishmeal


Europe & Black Sea

         Milling Wheat

         Feed Wheat

         Feed Corn


We work closely with our suppliers all over the world to source the quality and the terms that our customers are searching for in order to grow their business.  Ask us about sourcing via BULK VESSEL OR CONTAINERS!